Neo Geo Pocket Color – Baseball Stars Color

The first game on my Neo Geo Pocket Color list is also one of the first of many Neo Geo arcade ports. Like many arcade to handheld ports of the era, a lot of concessions had…

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Trying out Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Over the years, the Persona games have really grown on me, finding their place as, in my opinion, the best subseries of the also mostly good Shin Megami Tensei series. Recently, I wrote about playing…

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Handheld gaming with the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Quite a few years ago I made a video for about the Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld.  It’s a very cool piece of gaming history, especially its very comfortable and enjoyable microswitched joystick. I hadn’t…

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Playing through Persona 4 Golden

I got Persona 4 Golden together with my Playstation Vita several years ago. I played it for a little bit, but I was very busy at the time and didn’t feel like I had the time for…

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There are Kingdoms. They are lost. Find them.

Trying out Lost Kingdoms

Or, “Dark Souls challenging me to a children’s card game”. From Software may be swimming in all that delicious and nutritious Souls money (or, more recently, Blood money), but while they’re most well-known for brutally difficult and hands-off…

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STOCKHOLM 20100924 - 
En domarklubba ligger på en lagbok i Stockholms tingsrätt 
Foto: Jessica Gow / SCANPIX / Kod 10170

Fyra år – inget har hänt

För fyra år sen skrev jag ett långt brev till justitieutskottet i Riksdagen gällande ett i svensk media ouppmärksammat våldtäktsmål mot en 12-årig flicka. Svaren jag fick var inte helt inspirerande, och nu, fyra år…

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The computer itself is very small

Trying out the Vensmile Mini-pc

Or, “Chinese knock-offs are apparently both cheap and useful.” Most of you probably know about the Raspberry pi. If you don’t, well, it’s a computer-on-a-chip that runs Linux and uses an SD card for both its storage…

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Dr Tokaj in all his glory.

Trying out Afterfall: Insanity

Or, “Polish off-brand Silent Resident Mass Hill Evil Effect”. It really is fitting that a game that stars a psychiatrist and claims to deal heavily with psychology and the human mind, as well as using…

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Playing through the buying addiction

So, I have a confession to make. Just like what seems like half the developed world, I’m addicted to buying games on Steam. They’re just so cheap, aren’t they? Just a dollar here, just a…

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