Playing through the buying addiction


So, I have a confession to make. Just like what seems like half the developed world, I’m addicted to buying games on Steam. They’re just so cheap, aren’t they? Just a dollar here, just a dollar there. A Humble Bundle here, another bundle there. The games kind of start to accumulate.

Hell, even my 13-year-old cousin told me that he gets stuff on Steam because “it’s so cheap and easy”. Gaben, what have you done?

Either way, I have way, way too many games on Steam, a lot of which I have not given a fair shake (and some which have been given a bit too much of a shake). I tried a while ago to start playing through them in alphabetical order. I got stuck at Afterfall: Insanity (poor Albert Tokaj, will he ever escape that nightmare?). I don’t think my strategy worked very well, there’s just a lot of stuff that doesn’t deserve that much time.

Additionally, I have a tendency to collect myself a lot of games on other formats too. Recently I got myself a bunch on the Gamecube, and I have a lot of PS2, PS3 and PSP games I have never touched.

Perhaps, if I make write-ups of my experiences, it will motivate me to get something done. I won’t set myself a schedule or make a bunch of rules this time, more than trying to make one write-up a week. I’ll also allow myself to make them as small or large as feels worthwhile, as well as replaying games if I feel like it (though the focus should be on playing games from the backlog). Because why not? Gaming is supposed to be fun.

Let’s see how this goes – Let’s do this.

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